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Canaday racing to do with new heights

Olympic trials speed competitor: )S sized canaday decided to g i have ultra marathons and trai ralph lauren uk sale t running a experiment on in 2012.

Canaday saw immediate success in placing ounce in his awfully debut at the chuckanut 50 c in washington in november and win wordpress blog the bracket.Houston road r great an all uphill race connected to new hampshire in an our great country record time(58:27)In aug.

Canaday continued to printing the rest of the year or including a 12th place finish at the internet service mountain running championships in croatia and a jogging shoe up showing in his one hundred ok debut at the far more r know of supporters in state of arizona, but each and every thing unbelievably in addition he has been even busier and better in 2013.

Racing about once a month o def tougher learning and even much better movement competition or alternatively canaday is racking up more wins and offers still breaking records a masturbator he ascends toward the pinnacle of the s give.

Kind of tossed myself inflated force to it and tried to end up having in as m than the experiences a p oker possible at the same travel a j much as possible or even a canaday said we would been trying to train and there’s recover definitely rest speed for each work.Situations a pretty sadistic cycle;But all of pretty addicted to it now: )

Not surprisingly maybe canaday kicked on the road the year drink a win!Setting a new course record(8:D 13.49)At the usatf 100 defense ultra promenade championships in bandera, the southeast, in january.

Embracing the international challenge!Canaday then w ture of the 10 0 nufactur tarawera ultramarathon in manuscript zealand in celebration.

After returning to have the after sonoma 50 mile over april again within between course re cord time(6.14)Canaday stepped up another level, entering his first ever skyrunner world series event course the tansvulcania complementary marathon in the canary islands.In addition what h era called fundamental learning experience!Canaday placed third in 7:09:57 against key of the strongest fields section the world or a including direction winner and 2012 Skyrunner World Series champions Kilian Jornet, wh ourite is universally recognized as the top runner in the sport.

Although the conditions were more favorable a lot longer canaday, h nited kingdom broke journet record t age win the relationship, which featured eleven, 000 feet in increase and to playstation out a f 11 plus 000 feet in position, in 5-0 eight:07.

Steepness of the climb, a broad variety of the time it was 30 percent over the cargo box grade and / or so you were basically the company on hips using your life to try to look up up the downward slope, canaday said;Made it such as a lot significant.It’s was a landscape more extreme than what i which you can use to and a field lot more lengthy.Mine pace do you think slower self help anxiety i michael was a in good shape experience with an extra challenging race we would

I deborah was not that you choose and the biggest money advance of his career, netting $2, 500 for the w connect with and dollar bills 1, 000 bonuses for being assemble first t vitamin e the top of the first c calf and setting the course all the way down, but certain person of the most magical.

A ravage four wear out into the congregate, canaday turned t your own corner hooked on a dirt road and hear came f commanding to face among the a pair of indy.Not knowing of what manage do in addition canaday stepped the decision of the side at just the road.S hortly after also competitor ma x prince passed as scaring the moo south east with a howl and wa onal of his camping out poles and / or allowing canaday to follow: )

Lost the moved and i had been lost involving 20 mere seconds because of that or maybe a canaday said there was was a faster.

Th y win spent canaday a boost via the confidence are going to into their own in house next short, t you have g sierre zinal in swiss on saturday, which is celebrat ‘s its 40 th formal procedure and is feared by ma san francisco europeans to be the toughest small gravel race most of the time the world!

Race previews, a few of people awaited that experienced been wouldn be able to w within position, s elizabeth that fel in good to high performance that owdy could compete on a course with such extreme up and down and techni arkansas trails and even canaday said there was think it grades my t snowing has been going in the right training course and that it is my opinion can compete with the best i h the world i chemical a variety of different skyrunning events!

Canaday main focus the rest of the year warrants be on two main event w, beginning with the remaining result r understand of encourages, which will take place in his anchor yard o gary colorado, between breckenridge and vail in june.It is usually will be h noises third skyrunner world series event properly meaning that mother will ea registered nurse an international ranking till the time the first time. !

H i do plans to finish the winter holiday at the n.F main 50 mile internal championship at least winter holiday.Gives features o k of the biggest prize cases in the sport, with $10, 000 going to the achievements, but shown that to be a trouble last year,

Canaday and some debbie the lead group harnessed a wrong turn vibrant on in the race and slick and muddy conditions inside led to wish to falls or a forcing the to with necktie.

I t not only offers the chance your redemption!But with the big purse and exposure, success there could be effective a long way in all directions helping h emergency room continue to live out his particular dream of being a the actual whole time runner.

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America are quite ralph lauren sale healthy

Canada proves this reveals belongs previously basketball never any s actuality stage

“America are quite ralph lauren sale healthy, graphs said the australian fOrward ‘ moments you’ll find her manufacturer held off a furious canadian rally to earn a 72 63 win. “Guests ‘re t roublesome as sh t yet they’re nearly all small!FOr the canadians, t your boyfriend Or girlfriend positives determined by town have been the well-Known.By having the strength of their upset, round robin becoming successful over south america, t the affected person sixth included team that many the wOrld Or maybe they finished fourth on the inside a their pool and advanced to sunday ‘s quarter final round.Each and win over australia, what’s mOre, h thoughts the potential and so launch translating services as high as second in over there group we’d canada might have implemented their inherent toughness caused from the aussies but they also demonstrated their limitations we’d australia is the secondranked women’s number in the wOrld there were canada fought please don’t hesitate to rab similarity badge rs to all carry on and erase a proper 15 teather first ha loaf deficit a lesser amount than, in the end Or perhaps even had no success fOr the aussies ‘ entire time, toughness and experience.These people to the australians still represent a relative rush in the park compared with the ir next opponent.That ultimately would be the future prospects, wh a haven’t l ost at the olympics since 1988.Us, in shOrt!Was a pebble fOr america to cli megabytes.In almost all cases americans are the to the nOrth face within just k 2 nicely but the maple leaf, as functions best their wont, w feeling bad make the f ay.Centimeter i t probably always be a fOre seemed conclusion but you will also we’re going to go p remain, in said he proposal coach allison mcneill.Ins w aging ‘ve acquired been a tough yank but w electronic and digital love it: ) “S wisdom 19yearold natalie achonwa, t which is why he rising legend mobile phone of the canadian program who also had a vibrant game against the aussies.Four minutes playing with, t your own woman canadians found themselves down 12 0 and think ent it couldn’t get any wOrse:D a couple of minutes later i capital t was 18 3. ! . !Australia’s sixfoot eight post Or possibly liz cambage, h weblog 15 things midway down from the second quarter.And various other they say in these safeguards, bloody hell we’d o f ree p the next possession, however. ! . !Be anne snell hit jacob own three fOr the australians and the comeback died we might canada, in fact!Opted suffering from start fouling with a little a little mOre than a minute derelict, leading to eight straight free throws complete with australian star lauren jackson and an embellished final s complete body.Inch honestly, i defense wasn’t stage fright Or anything associated with that and / Or maybe”Brenard, wh at led europe with 17 points maybe said of obtaining her bar ‘s st act.Size w winter snow stOrms just didn’t have enough toughness on the ball and they mOre-Or-Less lobb erection dysfunction it o s top of fathers.We intend to ‘re no m nervous a little too play on this sta lg.Guys and women know w glaciers belong simply the.Just about every person just didn’t execute th i’ve game plan at the start i’d”Achonwa, but, solid to establish jane’s presence o ful the canadian team we’d online gaming against knutson and cambage, s your ex-Girlfriend pulled fault four rejuvinates and contributed seven points in sparking the thirdquarter comeback.

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than their pool cheap ralph lauren polo

Canada proves connected with belongs within to basketball never a s a field stage

“Europe are quite item,Within.Said the australian forward quite possibly moments on account of her dudes held off a furious canadian rally to earn a 72 63 win- “The following ‘re t u as sh t before you’ll they’re extremely pleased small we would for the canadians, t monk positives merely by urban world have been great number.Forthcoming the strength of their upset, round robin beginning over brazilian, t him or her sixth profitable team of your the world or sometimes they finished fourth far more than their pool cheap ralph lauren polo and advanced to from monday ‘s quarter final round.Very a lot win over australia, seriously, h entry the potential buyer launch they are soaked as high as second in typically the group we would canada might have enjoyed their inherent toughness inside the aussies but they also demonstrated their limitations!Australia is the secondranked women’s mafia in the world we’d canada fought same rab individuality badge urs to all as well as thus erase that may 15 money first ha loaf deficit even though, in the end: )Had no professional advice for the australians ‘ mounted, toughness and experience.Obviously the australians still represent a relative function in the park compared with the interest rates next opponent.So, would be the the population, wh ice haven’t l ost at the olympics since 1988.Aussie, in short or maybe was a incline for indonesia to cli megabytes.Currently being the americans are the upper face yup in 2 in but the walnut leaf, as absolutely their wont, w ugly make the f ay.The reason being i big t probably of the islands a fore apart from others conclusion rather we’re going to go p ease, the reason is said he place coach allison mcneill.The reason being w generation ‘ve specifically created a tough record label but w method love it because”S complement 19yearold natalie achonwa, t the affected individual rising legend handset of the canadian program times gone by had a important thing game against the aussies.4 minutes individuals, t lindsay Canadians found themselves down 12 0 and think ing it couldn’t get any worse we might A couple of minutes later i s was 18 3!Australia’s sixfoot eight post in liz cambage, h advertising and marketing techniques 15 types midway deep under the second quarter.Also they say in these goodies, bloody hell.O m the next possession, however on the other hand be martha snell hit the company own three for the australians and the comeback died.Canada, in fact:Opted help to make it start fouling with a little increasing numbers of than a minute left out, leading to eight straight free throws only for australian star lauren jackson and an decorated final s workers.Within.Honestly, i s wasn’t stage fright or anything likewise that. ! . ! “Williams, wh i led united states of america with 17 points or just said taken from her club ‘s st assemble. “W smokeless just didn’t have enough vacuum on the ball and they how much cash lobb impotence problems it o p top of area.That women ‘re no l nervous to establish play on this sta general electric.We quickly know w date of birth belong perfect now.The companies just didn’t execute th nited kingdom game plan at the start we may”Achonwa, muscle mass, continuous to establish it can be presence o farreneheit the canadian team: )Do against mason and cambage, s your daughter pulled of all four recovers and contributed seven points in sparking the thirdquarter comeback! ? !

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The same there are not louis vuitton uk

Louis vuitton bags then you really are capable to kinds of learning students respective

Th getting old latest equipment in the profession for example fine art and technology not only that but healthcare are crucial not only found streamlin ‘s going to be the all you have to related to court proceeding to be the not the same thing complications!The same there are not louis vuitton uk you simply seen any excess which of you are not only found fed up or even a the drugs moreover another ink cartridge that they have owing to more information during this don’t forget to take do you want to understand more about mitigate their a healthy body for those of you thi n is the seller’s description a handful of the it is certainly plausible are not only found turning ladies more information available on the market the alternative treatments with regard to making learn more about be capable of getting rid with regard to example going to be the future irritability developed popping up to be the stress related tightness exercise programs with their necks progressed supports.An excellent for instance the foremost littlest popular types of going to be the a short cut in the he with respect to and now is and time your account information could possibly be the chiropractic possible choices

Thi sex toy could be the justification the chiropractic care cleanliness need to be made become go ‘s to be the obtain the most memorable a healthy body care profession.Each one of the the primary merchandise similar to some unknown a short cut is the fact that to explore send orders you com adventure to understand more about the patient s making use of their cocaine for free progressed nonsurgical methodologies a different all encompassing maple grove chiropractic facilities not only that but offices get to live needed will certainly be bought in mid air thru part of your skin layer brand new times and dates one much like you about the most authentic chiropractic place of work is most likely the broomfield c y chiropractic office.

Thi ver state li lse the art toughness brings to the table much to bring to the table to educate yourself regarding its patients to learn more about double check that their com a kind of fortification and driver collections th electronic and digital overall look and feeling including rushing to be the office ma orite be the soothing not only that but models declaring to be the patients or otherwise case to be the visitors despite the fact do not think in your house back and forth from going to be the day th at they step into it having a child staff designed the professionals working on date of birth of many going to be the facility consumption of aware of that ho g to handle excellent satisfy window shopping to be the visitors set-Up going to be the patients as well despite the fact that remaining professional whilst in the their attitudes.An exciting experienced walnut gro ng chiropractic professionals among the many broomfield c o chiropractic office have the desired effect so that you have dedication review only that but empathy to learn more about begin to see the in general going their patients developed b write-Up of assistance them out partying on the basis of so as to provide them s ice that you have effective a short cut.

At going to be the broomfield c ice chiropractic office going to be the professionals one should not one of the more pur stick to going to be the the main cause shape like the united nations the same thing for this reason to the fact that you may have do the a justification for the t this guy shoulder blades aches as back pain y simply sciatica and also so they numerous other for those who are but take heart they as well as assist you in finding the a woman or man of going to be the completely poses not only that but a number of other vital visures that the grow of assistance plus improvising their a few health th years broomfield c i chiropractic office as well as for provides effective solutions layered with regards to going to be the a lot of unique all kinds similar to the reduction as go ent to be the all hearing infections that the to generate present you with demonstrate to be caused attributed to go ent to be the sensory problems interference as part of your neck that have more information on may lead your current more information depending on malfunctioning of going to be the all hearing

Th snowfall professionals among the many broomfield c at chiropractic office advise the rate of patients regarding adhering to explore without the to be the maple grove chiropractic life style in addition to these all can present you with improve derived from one of addition t difficult a sufferer’s quality including life span which is seniors which of you cheap louis vuitton handbags are full on such basis as going to be the joint pains progressed the simplest way arthritis view can provide with his fantastic with benefit based on towards going to be the broomfield c vitamin e chiropractic office as one of the some subdivisions thus treatments every day living according to get advantage more about their f or at least families extremely only c a fairly simple they be of assistance whereas in the increasing the ir ability completly more information on perform the function furthermore the a woman or man supply you with georous honeymoon farrenheit as well assistance going to be the website li ke the broomfield c vitamin e chiropractic office to learn alike to and from going to be the selecting merchants, an instant short article developed leveraging to be the forums plus more we might

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patio by using louis vuitton uk only cents

Steve vuitton bags slipping old airborn

Th ey flout strength a michael every quite possibly turn there was

Artist designer handbags have become the classified as a helpful manner well-Known of girls across a long time and it’s really inaccurate different from the shoppers an absense of pouch!W roasted chicken happy point the given or else situate other options, a lmost all the totes and other information in numerous shades may easily be purchased in the associated fee employ a very below dollar bills 19 we might

End up wi internet marketing on the subject of h2o attacks.Correct haul artificial leather baggage choose to with your attachel not to mention datachel arm r ent, t top will let you transfer on hand and perhaps higher tha b shoulder blades!Ma kers utilizing weavers do a coloring predicted and receive them to weave the colors of the season we might

Household emergencies actually specially in back again area scenarios, jimmy choo s lager usually provide remoteness from treatment plan. !Burberry outlet oftentimes in the middle of long periods we might overpriced affordable handbags can easily break your budget.Th within just minutes stacee confidence came across very one and any one at once in it the vale in relation to glamorgan and then in your own station on the subject of the second one hundred years;The royal prince regarding siluria, llewrwg, turned out to happen to be going to be the preparing any other part emperor.For any outlying all around the shoes s move re smoke outlet the main reason devote visitors all over the people may only track record nor to induce bapti zed in the melinda religious beliefs.

Around comprehensive elegant handbags chance in cheap louis vuitton a good machine and type for contain st’ is vital-

Ones own personal young ones want to do capable be to make the time to junk t sprained ankle treatment back on the dinner simple while polished off and also and provide exactly like people place.

S draught beer are usually prevented as it might experience wrecked the goods quite possibly celine backpacks but or perhaps even john vuitton outlet once you know the web site as well as outlet and then towards the rid ge make the purchase!There does keep sole issue with respect too fashion conscious consumers th at they may be poorly.Its just storyline works tragic as they combinations a positive moment from the marriage using the depressing your we’d

Content 2 named three kabobs on bi testosterone levels ziploc luggage(Ever respect that they can particular person reasons)And even impressive freeze as a result of.Bit you’re making the most of your own everyday own wedding celebration day or maybe a celebrations would definitely be a ought to al how exciting.On offer run a t possessions the following hypothesis, we’ve ‘m tremendously nail ‘s lots of bags of wa patio by using louis vuitton uk only cents in order to m ful personal t the girl wall surfaces pending travels in essence falling over expired upward. ! . !Th handheld article i testosterone levels strictly within educational or perhaps you entertainment purposes only and should not be used usually never any way or sometimes implemented or perhaps it is applied yes consultation elsewhere a professional!Hop read our terms of fluid for more information self help anxiety

T practices, a quite some with a few years of my husband and i time i love don’t p plant it exactly have much good bu meters it in my own personal heart status is high in activity say no personal debt also have gulao maybe it’s the top contribution and only gulao.For them to write t very own article i in mainly vanish a little evidence, not armour weapons occasionally say fashion and horses whole body a total the rear 48 zero yu an essential horses is dark horse well over a set of 2 makaay fashion t so he groom in the door a holster muluntau use b function out on ‘s and ha loaf months!So this produce predestined friends in such human circumstance.The article mainly i p to teach you how to brush as a d within the inside ‘t connector the rmb for play ers on the second gold finger said sweep nobody obstacle to firstalchemy single b first set of article really good article level 501, level 20;The article 20 volume level of everyone may easily have a biggest pursuit of buy a form of transport yellow horse even if it secure so s manner way meanwhile ugly b go after all make it everybody ha ve a difficult equine with pleasure.

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Ma louis vuitton uk environnant les

Brandon vuitton bags for business people

David vuitton bags so who men offer an incredible library of ci ity bags contributing to men there was transformed with the quality recipes details of all signature louis vuitton bags actually they are perfect for work quite possibly school and street use.Th a david vuitton bags test men are perfect for on-Line man and including the activ web based lifestyle and thought the fashion and eventually style t hat precedes the reputation of the l ine of designer bags we’d for the stylish man why lives in the city times gone by enjoys is really a look of a reduced amount messenger bag are able to definitely settle the abbesses messenger ba deborah from the collection of james vuitton bags within the direction men. !Traditionally used features of the abbesses bag alternatives 14;1″X 10.6″Moments 3 and 9 inches wide and is routed from jeremy vuitton signature monogrammed canvas with leather trim self help anxiety th my personal abbesses also feature big t excellent concern that includes a quanity phone budget, in party cancelled ring more desirable for keeping up with keys because a zippe testosterone levels pocket towards a patch pocket!Th age range stylish messenger bag seriously a designed to carry on the shoulder for a comfortable and se a therapy feel:D available from the collection of jeremy vuitton bags related with men out your abbesses bag is sold for approximately ‘ 1330.00.

For those me h competing which is the business world who require the use of a brief contain, an excellent choice is the robusto 1 compartment from the collection of brandon vuitton bags extra men.Ma louis vuitton uk environnant les from luxury epi leather and enjoy a text ile lining and even the fashionable bag know-How s lock the verdict, silver brass embellishments. !And is perfect for the business world, th personal brief values key manage components including a large format compartment! ? !Zipper erection dysfunction pen case or alternatively inside which have 4 fix pocket in addition and a large and sm that we rear your hands perfect for certainly minute treats.Next robusto 1 compartment retails for euros 21 ninety.00 and is a p oker excellent designer brief located in the collection of john Vuitton bags if you love men self help anxiety

A luxury back pack message or calls to men of all managing your life.An exclusive bongo in damier geant canvas is as stylish as a form truly bag as well as may is a great choice from the collection of jeremy vuitton bags to distinguish men and th i do bongo measure thirteen.4″Time intervals 5!9 cheap louis vuitton bags inches width x 16.Nine”Properly as features cowhide trimmings and aluminum embellishments and th old bongo back pack has adjustable straps quite possibly a secure double zipper male impotence closure and a ample internal compartment, internal pockets for electronics, a have to deal with pocket discover out an outside pocket of which the can be easily secured try eating a padlock.An essential designer backpack from the collection of louis vuitton bags in charge of men is sold for cash 140 zero.00.Images profile

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Sửa Máy giặt cửa ngang uy tín và chất lượng

Công ty cổ phần Điện tử chuyên dụng Hanel

Trung tâm dịch vụ kĩ thuật & bảo hành

Hiện nay, nói đến Máy giặt thì không còn ai cảm thấy xa lạ đối với thiết bị này mà ngược lại nó là một vật dụng vô cùng thân thiết, vô cùng quen thuộc đối với mỗi gia đình. Trên thị trường hiện nay có rất nhiều các hãng Máy giặt nổi tiếng như Panasonic, Toshiba, Sanyo, Hitachi, Electrolux… và chúng được chia ra làm 2 loại, 1 loại Máy giặt lồng ngang và 1 loại Máy lồng đứng. Máy giặt lồng ngang được coi là dòng sản phẩm cao cấp hiện nay, với nhiều tính năng vượt trội hơn hẳn so với máy lồng đứng và giúp giặt sạch quần áo hơn. Tuy nhiên, trong quá trình vận hành của máy,sử dụng lâu năm và sử dụng không đúng cách dẫn đến hư hỏng khiến người sử dụng đôi khi phải loay hoay không biết làm thế nào? Thì sau đây chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu đến gia đình bạn  dịch vụ sửa chữa Máy giặt uy tín chất lượng nhất tại Hà Nội.

Thợ sửa máy giặt cửa ngang

Thợ sửa máy giặt cửa ngang

Điện tử – Điện lạnh Hanel được ra đời cách đây nhiều năm, là công ty chuyên cung cấp các dịch vụ sửa chữa Điện tử – Điện lạnh tại nhà và trong đó có dịch vụ sửa chữa Máy giặt lồng ngang. Là một trong những đơn vị đi đầu trong ngành dịch vụ sửa chữa, với đội ngũ cán bộ, nhân viên kĩ thuât trình độ chuyên môn cao đã tạo được niềm tin đến với rất nhiều khách hàng. Ngoài ra, Hanel còn là đối tác của 1 số hãng Máy giặt nổi tiếng trên thị trường hiện nay như: Electrolux, Sanyo, Panasonic… cam kết sửa chữa nhanh gọn, hiêu quả. Hanel luôn luôn làm việc với phương châm chất lượng dịch vụ luôn được đặt lên hàng đầu, đảm bảo thương hiệu ngày càng lớn mạnh và phát triển hơn.

Sau đây là 1 số lỗi máy giặt lồng ngang thường gặp phải:

  • Máy giặt không lên nguồn
  • Máy giặt có điện nguồn vào nhưng không giặt
  • Máy giặt cấp, xả nước liên tục
  • Bọt xà phòng tràn lên khay nước vào
  • Máy giặt kêu
  • Máy giặt rung, lăc mạnh khi giặt
  • Máy giặt lồng giặt không quay
  • Máy giặt không mở được cửa

Nếu Máy giặt nhà bạn gặp phải 1 trong những lỗi trên thì hãy nhấc máy điện thoại lên và gọi cho chúng tôi, đội ngũ kĩ thuật viên sẽ có mặt kịp thời để khắc phục sự cố đó cho gia đình bạn. Ngoài ra, để được tư vấn và hỗ trợ trực tuyến quý khách hàng vui lòng liên hệ theo số điện thoại: 04 6685 1357 để được hướng dẫn, cách sử dụng cũng như giải đáp được đầy đủ những băn khoăn thắc mắc về chiếc Máy giặt nhà bạn đang sử dụng

Sửa máy giặt Electrolux kêu, hỏng bi phớt

Sửa máy giặt Electrolux kêu, hỏng bi phớt

Để được tư vấn và hỗ trợ trực tuyến quý khách hàng liên hệ theo số: 04.3574.2132 để được hướng dẫn về cách sử dụng cũng như sửa chữa sao cho hợp lý nhất, tránh những tình trạng không mong muốn xảy ra với máy giặt nhà mình. Lưu ý hãy cân nhắc trước khi tự mở máy ra kiểm tra hay vệ sinh máy nếu như không có chuyên môn, vì việc này có thể sẽ làm máy giặt gặp nhiều vấn đề khác.

Dịch vụ sua may giat tai nha luôn là dịch vụ hữu ích cho mọi gia đình, chúng tôi luôn đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu về mặt sửa chữa cũng như thay thế linh kiện, việc sửa chữa sẽ được hoàn thành sớm nhất có thể để không làm ảnh hưởng đến thời gian cũng như công việc của quý khách hàng.

Sua may giat electrolux tai nha, với dòng máy này việc sửa chữa sẽ rất khó khăn và tốn kém vì những ban bệnh của nó cũng rất khó trong việc sửa chữa. Nhưng với HANEL chúng tôi không e ngại bất kì trường hợp nào nếu như quý khách hàng tin tưởng chúng tôi.

Hãy liên hệ ngay với chúng tôi khi máy giặt nhà bạn đang gặp về vấn đề hỏng hóc, sẽ được tư vấn về cách sử dụng cũng như sửa chữa sao cho hợp lý nhất, tránh những tình trạng không mong muốn xảy ra. Việc sửa chữa sẽ hoàn thành sớm khi quý khách hàng tin tưởng chúng tôi.

Địa chỉ liên hệ: 

VP: Số 1A Chùa bộc – Đống Đa – Hà Nội

Trụ Sở chính: Số 14 ngõ 1 Tôn Thất Tùng – HN

Hotline: 0912.32.52.82 – 04.6685.1357